Green Aventurine on 16" chain and Shungite on 32" chain (Middle white selenite NOT included). Made to order with love, sizes and shapes may vary. 


Green Aventurine: Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer.  It neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment.  Green Aventurine settles and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts.  It brings well-being and emotional calm. 


Shungite: All chakras

It’s healing properties span the board from purity to protection. Shungite has electricity conducting properties. These shungite properties are also known to aid in the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, that are the result of electromagnetic radiation. Holding and meditating amplifies the shungite healing properties of headaches, back pain, blood pressure, inflammation and muscle pain. The antioxidants in shungite are forceful impacters on health and a fully functioning immune system. Shungite healing properties are powerful for the spirit as well. It can be used to combat insomnia, boost energy, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Energy Protection Layered Necklace